Be Your Best Self


The SDL Method is a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing that helps men and women of all ages to achieve vibrant health and be their best selves. 


What do you see when you imagine being your “best self”?

For me, it’s being able to enthusiastically jump out of bed every morning after a great sleep. It’s knowing how to prepare wholesome meals that work for my busy life, fill me with vital nutrients and help me maintain my optimal weight and a healthy body. It’s being in a better mood consistently, having a youthful glow, and feeling positive about myself.

It’s a way of life that I’ve lived for the better part of 25 years, and I created the SDL Method because I want to share what I’ve learned, so that you can enjoy life the way I do.

The SDL Method focuses on positive body image and inner health. I don’t believe in fad diets, but in teaching lifestyle and eating skills that give you energy and help you age well. The food industry has distorted our idea of normal portions, so I believe in relearning healthy meal sizes.

I teach people how to integrate nutritious eating with your lifestyle, the best anti-aging foods, ideal portions, achieving weight loss, detoxing, and intermittent fasting when it comes to weight loss.

What you put into my programmes and nutritional advice is what you will get out. If you are dedicated, you will achieve weight loss, a youthful glow, good elimination channels, improved sleep and a better mood.

With these foundations of wellbeing in your life, your best self will naturally flourish!